A number of years ago, a young ballerina, from the New York Ballet Company, was working as a model for me on various projects in New York.  At that time, I had been working out some ideas on how to create a unique painting that could summarize some of the aspects of Hamlet’s soliloquy. While posing for another painting, she noticed a real human skull sitting on the window sill in my studio. I had been using this skull for a bronze sculpture that I was working on.

Without saying a word she gently picked up the skull and stared at it, as if studying her own mortality. The sun was streaking through the window, just as you see in the painting and in my mind this was the Ophelia I had been looking for.  I quietly asked her to freeze her position. As a ballerina she understood and immediately became motionless, holding her position with her natural grace for a considerable period of time, allowing me to begin the creation of this work - “Ophelia”.

The Creation of the “Ophelia” Painting

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Price: $7500 USD


Curtis Hooper

30” x 25” on stretched canvas

Gallery wrapped on studio stretchers

Printed with archival permanent inks

Curtis created this beautiful, elegant and unique work of art, that captures the genius of Shakespeare, while portraying the fragile beauty of life and love.

Limited Edition of 150


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Oil on canvas

New Limited Edition on Canvas

Original painting SOLD