This earlier portrait of Jesus, by Curtis, may be familiar to many people, as it was seen worldwide a number of years ago in major magazines, newspapers and television news and talk shows such as:

48” x 40”  Oil on Canvas


Historical Research and Earlier Portrait Below

This new portrait of Jesus is based on a lifetime of historical research by the artist. It portrays Jesus in contemplation of the Infinite Consciousness…the divine consciousness of the universe that we are all a part of. 

He began the artwork by the sea of Galilee where Jesus was known to walk. At that actual location, Curtis gathered some stones, which he later crushed and turned into paint, to infuse the painting with the colours, texture and influence of the ancient landscape. 

His research focused on tracing images backward through time to the 1st century, looking  for images that connect to an original likeness...images that had been passed from artist to artist throughout the centuries, including many of the great masters such as Da Vinci and Rembrandt. His research also included many ancient artefacts, including the Shroud of Turin,  biblical and many other ancient  writings,  as  well

Leonardo DaVinci’s Divine proportions of the face

Leonardo DaVinci’s Divine proportions of the face

Leonardo DaVinci’s Divine proportions of the face

The Shroud of Turin

Facial area

Curtis Hooper’s new portrait of Jesus in accord with Da Vinci’s divine proportions.

Curtis Hooper’s previous portrait of Jesus in accord with Da Vinci’s divine proportions.

Early 5th Century icon of Jesus from St. Catherine’s monastery in the Sanai.

copyright © Curtis Hooper

Portrait Detail


as consideration of legends that have been passed down through time. Further conclusions were drawn from consultations with experts on ancient languages and various sciences including anthropology and medicine.

Through all these studies it became clear that from drawing to painting, artefact to icon, no matter whether a work was created by a great master, or a monk in the desert from the ancient past, there has always been a consistent recognizable similarity of his likeness. In other words, the same face can be clearly seen, being transferred from image to image for nearly 2000 years.  By bringing the essence of these images together, with the consideration of modern scientific findings, and then applying Leonardo Da Vinci’s theory of divine proportions of the head, Curtis’s new painting may bring us a step closer to his historic likeness and presence, to help us better understand and empathise with his mission for peace, freedom and infinite kindness.

copyright © Curtis Hooper

“Infinite Consciousness”

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“No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus.

His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.” Albert Einstein

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