Curtis Hooper is a celebrated, highly accomplished English artist, from London, of exceptional creative vision, creating captivating works of art, from fine portraiture to abstracts.

The global demand for his rapidly sold out artworks have become the domain of elite international collectors. He has been commissioned to create artworks of some of the most extraordinary people around the world, including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, who posed for Curtis at Buckingham Palace, Salvador Dali, who posed for him at Dali’s home in Spain, Sir Winston Churchill, whose wife and daughters he collaborated with to create a series of artworks about Sir Winston’s life and philosophies.  He has also created works for celebrated sports and movie stars, other royalty, heads of state, billionaire entrepreneurs, major international corporate leaders, international law firms, politicians, etc.  Additionally, he is well known for his spiritual works that have inspired and comforted millions of people around the world.

The Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing St., London

The National Gallery, Washington, D.C.

The Houses of Parliament, London

The Government of Israel

The Centre for Culture and Technology, Canada

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Smithsonian Institute’s National Collection of Art, Washington, D.C.

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum, New York

The Friends of America Museum, London

The Charles Keating Centre, Canada

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Washington, D.C.


TIME Magazine


THE IVORY COAST Magazine, Africa

TORONTO LIFE Magazine, Canada


BUNTE Magazine, Germany

His works are to be found in private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide including:

Born in England; Curtis Hooper was a child actor working at movie studios, before moving to the other side of the lens to become a professional cameraman.  There he began to formulate his concepts of visual logic, relentlessly searching for symmetry and harmony in his subjects, that his works dynamically reveal.    He is a master draughtsman and possesses a consummate design sense, utilizing the most contemporary methods as well as the long-forgotten techniques of the old masters, his work expressing the poetry and the thunder of the entire arts spectrum. Curtis has also been a professional photographer for most of his life and is currently putting together a show of his photographic works.

Curtis became a licensed pilot, scuba diver and sailor to explore his love of nature…and, to quench his thirst for knowledge, he avidly studies psychology, body language, science/quantum physics, religions, and philosophy. His canvases are deeply imbued with his diverse interests and exuberance for life, in all its complexity and symmetry.

“He is now one of the most successful portrait and figure painters in the world 
with commissions coming from celebrities, captains of industry, royalty and governments.”file://localhost/American%20Artist.pdf


LIFE Magazine

VEGA Magazine, Brazil

Hindustan Times, India

American Artist, U.S.A.

PANORAMA Magazine, Italy

...and many more


The Halcyon Foundation of the American Museum

The British Consul, New York

The Government of Bermuda

Suncor Energy - Petro Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada

The National Trust, Britain

Shaw Communications Inc.

The Churchill College, Cambridge, England

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

The Mazankowski Heart Institute

The British High Commission, Ottawa

The Teatro Museo Dali, Spain

The Gardiner Museum, Toronto

His works have been seen by millions of people and prominently featured in prestigious magazines and newspapers worldwide, including:

Curtis has had much attention from the worldwide news media including magazines, newspapers, TV news and talk shows for his artistic accomplishments, as well as his religious imagery and his celebrated and distinguished subjects. Because his original artworks and limited editions quickly sold-out, at ever higher prices, the press named him, “The Million Dollar Hand”, a catchphrase that he is still known by today.

American Artist Magazine

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